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JIMMY lansira novi usisivač H8 Flex-A koji kombinuje moćno/pametno/fleksibilno iskustvo u decembru

Izdavač: Vrijeme izlaska: 2022-12-08

Jimmy, a technologically innovative company in smart home cleaning appliances, is set to launch the newH8 Flex Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, delivering a best-in-class configuration that let global users unlock more possibilities forpowerful/smart/flexiblecleaning experience.


“Technology Creates Quality Life.”This brand belief prompts JIMMY to attach great importance to R&D, continue to innovate, and improve user cleaning experience. This craftsman spirit is fully reflected in this new model- H8 Flex .

Powered by 55% high efficiency brushless digital motor, JIMMY H8 Flex comes with 185 AW big suction power, enables it to sweep away large debris, fine particles, and pet hair more quickly and thoroughly. It is far more powerful than other cordless vacuums that share the same price range.

JIMMY H8 Flex uses advanced technology to automatically adjust the right suction power for more effective cleaning and longer usage time.

“In Auto mode, JIMMY H8 Flex can adjust different suction power according to different dust levels and floor types. For example, it will increase suction power when it detects more dust or encounters a carpet, and decrease suction power when the ground becomes less dusty or returns to a hard floor. ” said JIMMY Technology.

At the same time, H8 Flex LED screen provides users with remaining running time, power mode, dust concentration, error reminders and other real-time information, especially the dust sensor, which can clearly display the dust level in the home and detect dust that people usually cannot see.


The JIMMY H8 Flex is also innovative in terms of its flexibility and convenience, very friendly for female even the elderly who often need to clean up.

“Many typical vacuum cleaner models are heavy, which makes them difficult for people to maneuver. Therefore, for this aspect, we have invested a lot of ingenuity in H8 Flex.
What I must highlight is this uniqueFleksibilna metalna cijevthat allows the user to easily clean under furniture and other hard-to-reach low places without kneeling or squatting.

Additionally, the H8 Flex is lightweight and has a low center of gravity, making for very little thrust during use. The ergonomic handle allows users to stretch their wrists naturally, and they will not feel tired after long-time use." said H8 Flex Chief R&D Engineer.


Meanwhile, JIMMY H8 Flex is equipped with 7 high-quality accessories, whether it is the desktop, bookcase, bed, or any corner of the house can be easily cleaned.


JIMMY H8 Flex will be launched in markets around the world this December.
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